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Sadly, it appears the status quo is good enough for the citizens of Kenmore.  I am hopeful that some fiscal reponsibility will  be exercised at the City of Kenmore.  But, I fear that this election will only further inflate egos and we will continue down the road of bad financial decisions and poor management.


  Ballots Cast/Registered Voters: 2706 / 12777 21.18%
Council Position No. 2
  Laurie Sperry   1471 62.36%
  Diane A. Brennan   874 37.05%
  Write-in   14 0.59%
Council Position No. 4
  Bob Hensel   1825 98.22%
  Write-in   33 1.78%
Council Position No. 6
  Patrick E. O’Brien   967 40.99%
  Allan Van Ness   1386 58.75%
  Write-in   6 0.25%

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Is this a joke?!!  With thousands of empty commercial square feet owned by Kenmore, the city council decided to lease space for a temporary City Hall.  Is this bizarro world?! 

Kenmore City Council should be ashamed of their irresponsible fiscal behaviour with our money. 

Copy of kenmore_enews_cityhall

I just found this site and think it is great.  There has been great analysis, information and updates regarding our city and the upcoming election:


Kenmore needs a change in the City Council. 

It is (past) time for smart fiscal decisions.

Vote for Dianne Brennan & Patrick O’Brien